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Master Gardner

Garden Tales - Atlantic County Master Gardner Program Newsletter

Green Thumbs

Flea Beetles in the Garden

Trees for the Suburban Yard

Ants in the Lawn

Voles in the Garden

Squash Bugs

Fruit Flies

Barley Straw Use in Ponds

Grass Clippings

Tomato Leaf Curling

Salt Damage From Flooding


Getting Rid of Chiggers

Use of Wood Chips in Vegetable and Flower Beds

Trees Suffering Storm Damage

Storm Releated Tree Damage - July 20, 2012


Salt Water Flooding and Your Garden - This factsheet shares how salt water may effect your garden and the actions you can take to help minimize the damage.

Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance E271 - The following publication is a list of landscape plants rated according to their resistance to deer damage.

Learn How the 2011 New Jersey Fertilizer Law Affects You - Explore our tools to help you calculate how much fertilizer you need, and how to calibrate your fertilizer spreader.

Carbon Monoxide and other Combustion Products

Home Humidifiers and Health

Dust, Air Cleaners, and Health

House Ants and their Control

Clover Mite Control Around the Home

Managing Household Hazardous Products

How to Hire a Pest Control Professional

Silverfish and Firbrats

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Lawn and Garden Frequently Asked Questions

Gardening and Landscaping Publications


If Plants Could Talk – A Gardening Television Series -

Rutgers Master Gardener Program –

Home Gardening

Soil Testing

Using Water Soluble Fertilizer

Using Water Wisely In The Garden

Growing Tomatoes

Fertilizing Home Vegetable Gardens

Around the Home


Lawn Care



Caring For Lawn

Other Lawn and Garden Resources

Soil TestingCommercial and Homeowner Soil Testing
CLICK HERE to earn more about soil testing at Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

If Plant Could TalkIf Plants Could Talk Television Series
This PBS television show features gardening tips from local university experts, successful farmers, master gardeners, and many other plant experts. Visit the web site...

Other lawn and garden related fact sheets and bulletins are available through RCE publications or by contacting our office at 609-625-0056.


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