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Family & Community Health Sciences

Family and Community Health Sciences faculty work to improve the quality of life of people of all ages. We educate people to minimize or prevent family, work, and consumer problems. We focus on making life better in the areas of nutrition, diet and health, food safety, family financial and resource management, human development at all ages, and leadership development. We provide unbiased, research-based information and strategies to help you enjoy life and strengthen your community.

Joanne Kinsey receives NJ Association of 4-H Agents’ Educator of the Year Award for 2009
New! Hands on cooking classes!
Be sure to check out our Healthy Recipes Online.

In Atlantic & Ocean Counties FCHS provides research-based information to the community. Be sure to check out our Healthy Recipes Online.

In addition I can provide programs and information on the nutrition and healthy lifestyle:

Color Your Plate with Laughter
Lower Your Blood Pressure with Healthy Diet & Laughter
Have a Healthy Heart
Stress-Less Seminar
Lighten Up the Fat
Strong Bones for a Lifetime
Living With Food Allergies
Small Steps to Health & Wealth
Mindful Eating
Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle
Being Mindful Day to Day
Food and Mood
Functional Foods Series
Food Preservation: Canning, Freezing & Dehydration
Pasta Making Demonstrations
Eat Well Spend Less
Pack Your Pantry with Healthy Foods
Herbs & Health

More Information on Nutrition, Diet and Health


American Cancer Society


Atlantic County Division of Public Health

Atlantic County Healthy Living Coalition

Atlantic County Library System

Atlantic County Parks and Recreation

Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Ocean County Health Department

RCE of Atlantic County - Master Gardener Program


Visions NewsletterVisions Newsletter
Read the Department of Family and Community Health Sciences statewide newsletter. The newsletter addresses critical topics for today's families and individuals. 

RCE- DFCHS NewsletterRCE- Department of Family and Community Health Sciences
The Rutgers University connection is through the Department of Family and Community Health Sciences, Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Take a look at a statewide perspective of our program. 

Workplace Wellness NewsletterHealthy on the Job: Workforce Wellness Newsletter

Easy Veggie Recipe-Minestrone Soup from Get Moving Get Healthy NJ on Vimeo.

Super Simple Tomato Soup from Get Moving Get Healthy NJ on Vimeo.

Nutrition, Diet and Health

We offer a variety of educational opportunities to residents, featuring general nutrition topics on making healthy food choices that fit families and their lifestyles, including promotion of U.S. Dietary Guidelines, 5-A-Day for Better Health, and Healthy People 2010.

A variety of teaching methods are employed to reach those requesting nutrition and health education, including learn at home material (on-line presentations and fact sheets), as well as traditional classroom seminars.

Health: Selecting Food and
Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Organic Foods - What Do We Mean?

Getting to Know Portion Sizes

Food Allergies

Prevent Weight Gain After You Stop Smoking

Food Safety and Storage

Home Storage of Foods: Refrigerator and Freezer

Pantry Food Storage

Use of Leftovers

Preparing Foods