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Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture Agent works with the people who supply fresh high quality seafood to consumers in the State of NJ. He has responsibility from Raritan Bay to Delaware Bay. He is also involved with the well established hard clam aquaculture industry that is mostly based in Atlantic County with 6 hatcheries and 40 growers. These growers supply about 25% of the states harvest of hard clams. He also assists start up aquaculturists moving through the process of investigating the opportunities in this fast growing sector of agriculture.

Special Projects include:

  • High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing of Hard Clams
  • Growing Ornamental Aquatic Plants
  • Community Based Habitat Restoration Projects for Hard Clams and Oyster Reefs
  • Industry Leadership Development

Regularly Requested Publications

Other aquaculture and fishing related fact sheets and bulletins are available through
RCRE publications
or by contacting our office at 609-625-0056.

Other Resources

  • East Coast Shellfish Growers Association (WWW.ECSGA.ORG) -  This organization which was initiated by the agent assists shellfish growers from Maine to Florida with issues that affect the production and marketing of commercially grown clams, oysters and other shellfish. It works to promote the benefits to the environment realized through shellfish aquaculture