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Fisheries and Aquaculture

Specialty Areas: Commercial and Recreational Fisheries, Shellfish Aquaculture, Marine Resources Management

Our Marine Extension Agent is Dr. Douglas Zemeckis, County Agent II (Associate Professor), who delivers educational programming and conducts applied research on issues related to commercial and recreational fisheries, shellfish aquaculture, and marine resources management. In addition to serving Atlantic County, Dr. Zemeckis also serves Ocean County and Monmouth County.

Current educational programs which serve clientele in Atlantic County and throughout New Jersey include:

Rutgers Cooperative Extension has a wide range of fact sheets and bulletins available on marine fisheries, aquaculture, and resource management issues.

Dr. Zemeckis is also currently involved in a wide range of research projects related to marine issues here in Atlantic County and throughout the coast, including:

If you have any questions about marine fisheries, shellfish aquaculture, or marine resources management, then please contact Douglas Zemeckis (contact information above).